Physical Education (PE) at Sunshine SDS is about developing physical literacy. Physical literacy is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments. Physical literacy develops the whole person, it develops a range of movement patterns and gives pupils the motivation to be physically active and make healthier choices.


At Sunshine SDS, physical literacy is taught through Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). There are three areas of FMS- Locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills and manipulative skills. Locomotor skills include running, jumping, hopping and skipping. Non-locomotor skills include turning, twisting and stretching. Manipulative skills include throwing, catching, kicking and striking. Within the Secondary Learning Centre, FMS is taught through a sports-specific based programme, covering sports such as netball, football, basketball, soccer, yoga and volleyball. Within the Primary Learning Centre, FMS is taught through a variety of structured play activities such as obstacle courses and skill stations or through explorative play lessons where teachers work one-to-one to develop individual skills.


PE also aids the holistic development of the student, with cross-curricular links to many other areas including Balanced Literacy, Numeracy and community learning. During PE, students learn not only physical movement but they also develop their social skills by learning to work with a partner or play team games. Students build on their ability to communicate by engaging with others, and through requesting equipment of choice. PE also helps develop pupils’ psychological skills, they learn perseverance and to try different ways of moving until they succeed. Students begin to understand what they like and dislike and build upon their self-esteem and self-motivation