communication at sunshine sds

All students at Sunshine SDS have access to a comprehensive communication system (Proloquo2Go or PODD) at all times. This allows all students at Sunshine SDS to have a voice and express themselves.

What is Proloquo2go?

A voice for all

Proloquo2go is a symbol-supported communication app to promote language development and grow communication skills, from beginning to advanced communicators.

Proloquo2go is the only AAC app that combines unique features, such as, research-based vocabulary levels, activity templates to support motor-planning and Expressive Power to express yourself. All that with minimal customization effort!


What is Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)?

Is it a symbol based communication book or voice output communication system. Language is organised pragmatically, which promotes the use of a range of autonomous messages across a variety of topics and environments. PODD books are adapted to suit students’ physical, sensory and communication needs.


So what does it look like at Sunshine SDS?

Proloquo2go is used across Sunshine SDS; in the classroom, in the playground, and when we are out and about. It is an integral part of all our teaching & learning program as Proloquo2go enables our students to understand others and express themselves to the best of their ability and beyond. It facilitates our students to become independent young adults not only across the school but throughout the wider community. 


Here at Sunshine SDS  our allied health team works closely with our teaching staff to provide a communication rich environment across the whole school day.

Proloquo2go is a voice for all our students, and we at Sunshine SDS are committed to communicating all day every-day. 


Sunshine Special Developmental School is a Child Safe school