enrolment information

Parents/carers of children who are seeking school placement are encouraged to contact Sunshine SDS to book a school tour. This visit gives you the opportunity to view our school, tour the school grounds, discuss how our school operates and ask any questions you may have in regard to enrolment.


If your child is beginning the journey of school entry, staff are available to support you through this process which involves completing enrolment documentation, assessment for eligibility and applying for funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities.  This funding is used to provide resources to support your child through their years at school.


Students transitioning from kindergarten, interstate or overseas are required to be assessed for eligibility.  Students attending Sunshine SDS have a moderate to severe intellectual disability (IQ below 50) together with an Adaptive Behaviour Composite score usually also below 50.  Our school fully supports this process which involves

  • making a referral to Assessments Australia,
  • liaising with early intervention services and/or previous educational settings,
  • arranging an appointment for a psychologist to conduct the assessment at school,
  • receiving and disseminating the reports and
  • conducting a Student Support Group meeting to complete the PSD funding application. 

There is no cost to parents for this assessment process.


Enrolment requirements include:

  • A completed copy of our enrolment documents (enrolment, student permissions, transport application) obtained from the enrolment coordinator
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport
  • A visa or letter of confirmation of residency in Australia if the student was not born in Australia.
  • A copy of the student’s immunisation records
  • A copy of any medical plan such as epilepsy, asthma, medication or specific medical intervention
  • A copy of any previous reports or medical documentation

In term 4 we provide a formal transition program for students starting school the following year.  Further individualized transitions sessions can also be arranged.  Transition for students starting school through the year is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Transport by school bus is provided to any student residing within our transport zone.


Sunshine SDS encourages Support Services and Children’s Services to visit our school throughout the year to provide information and support to their parent communities.


Please contact Saide Cameron, Enrolment Co-ordinator on 0421 834 042 or 9311 4804 for an appointment.

Sunshine Special Developmental School is a Child Safe school