Secondary - Developing Pathways

The Secondary Learning Centre at Sunshine SDS provides personalised and comprehensive programs for students, aligned to the Victorian Curriculum that are facilitated through Individual Learning Plans. Every student is provided with a school-based iPad to enable them to have a voice to communicate their needs, with access to Proloquo2go. These also house a variety of educational apps, allowing a multimodal approach to access greater flexibility for learning.


Teaching staff develop rich, authentic, learning experiences that are applied to broader community experiences. Beginning in 2021, the Elective (Years 9-12) and Enterprise (Years 7-12) programs have been incorporated into the Secondary Learning Centre and are designed to consolidate students’ skill development through English, Mathematics, Technology, Communication and Personal and Social Capabilities.  The students continue to access to a range of specialist classes including Visual Art, Physical Education and Performing Arts.


The students have the opportunity to experience a school camp at Blackwood later in the year. This provides a range of activities for multiple abilities to engage in differentiated activities. Students work on building skills and strategies that increase their independence and are encouraged to take on a greater responsibility for self and others through both individual and team activities.


There is an emphasis on the identification and development of suitable pathways for students that will equip them with transferable skills and knowledge required as young adults for leaving school and in post school settings. Where appropriate, the Secondary students learn and practise safe behaviours when travelling on transport and when in the community.



Transition in the Secondary Years is a process that involves intensive collaboration between school, parents and guardians and community service providers. When transitioning students into the next phase of their education and adult life, it is important that families are presented with a number of appropriate options and that they are empowered throughout the process.


At Sunshine SDS, we endeavour to provide meaningful transition options that meet the needs of both families and the individual students. Each year we offer a Transition Expo, Information Sessions and contact service providers in order for parents to develop their understanding of the transition process and what community service providers can offer. 


Dee Defeudis, our Community Partnership and Transition Coordinator, works with families through this process. Dee provides experience, care and support to assist families with the decision-making process. This enables parents and guardians to select the option best suited to meet the future needs for their child’s placement. Once a provider is selected, Dee will organise the student to visit for short periods of time, and will transport the students to their prospective post school option with another familiar classroom staff member to assist with the transition process.


If you require any further information about the support that we offer, please contact us.


Sunshine Special Developmental School is a Child Safe school