In the Secondary Years we provide a personalised and comprehensive programs for students aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.


We develop students’ exposure and experiences beyond their immediate surroundings and extend the student’s experiences to incorporate the community. Secondary Years students learn and practice safe behaviours when travelling on transport and when in the community.


Students have access to programs which include a full serviced kitchen as well as the landscaped areas, which surround our classrooms. These additional facilities and environments provide students with the opportunity to access both active and passive zones.


Programs are designed to consolidate skill development around English, Mathematics, Technology, Communication, Personal and Interpersonal Development. There is an emphasis on the identification and development of suitable pathways for students that will equip them with transferable skills and knowledge required as young adults for leaving school and in post school settings.


Students work on building skills and strategies that increase their independence, and are encouraged to take on a greater responsibility for self and others through individual and team activities. They are also encouraged to further develop and apply leisure skills independently.



Every student is equipped with an  iPad which is used to access to Proloquo2go to ensure each student has a voice for communication. Student’s iPads are also equipped with a variety of educational apps which are used as a tool for learning.


Our students have access to a range of elective and specialist classes such as Visual Art, Music, Physical Education, Dance Therapy and Library, in addition to a range of work experience programs.


We also offer a camp program where students attend a camp facility at Blackwood providing a variety of differentiated experiences.



Transition in the Secondary Years is a process that involves intensive collaboration between school, parents, carers and service providers.


When transitioning students into the next phase of their education and adult life it is important that parent/carers are presented with a number of appropriate options and are empowered throughout the process.


At Sunshine SDS we endeavour to provide meaningful transition options that meet the needs of both families and individuals. Each year Sunshine SDS offers information sessions and contact with service providers for parents to develop their understanding of the transition process and what community service providers can offer.


If you require any further information about the programs we offer, please contact Spencer Cowan Acting Secondary Learning Centre Leader.