During the first years of learning at Sunshine SDS, we aim to create and provide a safe and happy environment where students feel valued, praised and encouraged.


In the Primary Years, students are encouraged to explore and make sense of the world around them through real-life experiences. We focus on assisting students to acquire the necessary skills for learning such as communication, oral language and conversational skills, phonemic awareness, attending to tasks, developing independence and the appropriate skills required for play and social interactions.


Students, particularly in upper Primary, are encouraged to explore their local community to access and use resources outside the school environment, and become involved with situations that relate to real life, giving them opportunities to make choices and develop interests that may continue into their future. Some students attend our base rooms at local primary schools.These students integrate with their host school and this important program is negotiated at the school level.


The Primary learning centre provides a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on the development of literacy, numeracy, personal and interpersonal skills through the integration of learning technologies guided by the AusVELS Curriculum. Students also have access to the specialist programs, which may include Visual Arts, Physical Education, Library, Music and Dance Therapy.


The Allied Health team, including Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Allied Health assistants, along with input from a Physiotherapist work with teachers to establish individual and classroom programs to enhance students' fine and gross motor development, self help skills and communication.


For more information on the programs offered at Sunshine SDS, please contact Amy Fitzgerald, Primary Learning Centre Leader