In the Primary Years at Sunshine SDS we provide a safe, engaging and happy environment where students feel valued, praised and encouraged.


During these early years of learning, students are encouraged to explore and make sense of the world around them through real-life experiences. We focus on assisting students to acquire the necessary skills for learning by providing a communication rich environment, learning zones, sensory strategies, individual learning goals, a comprehensive communication system, positive learning support with a focus on Balanced Literacy.


Students acquire skills to support lifelong learning such as communication, literacy skills, attending to tasks, developing independence and the appropriate skills required for play and social interactions. Some students attend our base rooms at two local primary schools. These students integrate with their host school and this important program is negotiated at the school level.


The Primary section provides a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on the development of English through Balanced Literacy everyday with the belief that all of our students are Readers and Writers. Guided by the Victorian Curriculum, the integration of learning technologies and evidence based practice support the learning of Mathematics, Science, Inquiry units of Geography and History, personal and interpersonal skills to ensure that every student has the same high quality education. Students also have access to the specialist programs, which may include Visual Arts, Physical Education, Health, Library and Performing Arts.


Students have the opportunity to access the community via excursions. These provide students with an opportunity to learn new skills and practice learnt knowledge in the wider community.


If you require any further information about the programs we offer, please contact us.

Sunshine Special Developmental School is a Child Safe school