Library learning experiences at Sunshine SDS intentionally guides and assist students to discover and engage with words, letters, pictures, numbers and symbols and encourage the students to make connections to personal experience and the books being read.


The library program is about students engaging with literature:

  • for enjoyment
  • to make connections with their own lives
  • to develop an independent leisure skill. 

The library area provides the students with a safe and different physical space in which they can become accustomed to relaxing and enjoying reading a book by themselves or with another person. This is a leisure time skill they can use when visiting other libraries within the community with their families.


Three streams are offered:

  • Sensory based experiences are offered as a way for students to engage with texts;
  • Students are actively engaged with the texts, they are invited to make noises associated with the pictures (often animals),
  • Students are provided with activities that require a higher level of engagement through processing and comprehending the text. 

In library sessions, students are learning about books and stories. Students will begin to engage and enjoy stories and other reading material as they are being read to, or as they look at books. They may start to show interest in illustrations and photographs of familiar objects and/or people – including themselves. They are supported by high levels of focused attention, direction, and assistance from the Teacher and Education Support staff to listen, respond to and enjoy familiar stories or other reading material.

Sunshine Special Developmental School is a Child Safe school